IZZ Global is the head of group companies that previously acted under the leadership of Fenermekanik and specialized in separate branches and achieved success. IZZ Global was established in order to be able to speak a common language, to explain our areas of expertise under a single title, to better reflect our companies and our capacity to do business.

IZZ Global aims to make our group more effective by evaluating investment areas that will create the suitable technical infrastructure and sustainable growth in this Post-Modern period that has increased its influence exponentially since the 1960s.

Always production and service of high quality

Our main goal is to be the best in every field we are active in, by observing the highest quality standards in every product we manufacture and sell.

Our main principle is to use all instruments to achieve this goal and to always reach the highest standards in quality.

Our aim is to increase business and human value continuously and to create new resources for our country

Our main principle is to become a more preferred company abroad by standardizing the best quality in production and service, to increase the number of people participating in production with new investments, and to create new resources in every field we are active in and in investments we target.