Our Environmental Policy
Our Environmental Policy

As İZZ Global Family, we comply with legal legislations and regulations in all our national and international construction sites and offices, and we always implement environmental management system programs that are open to development.

  • Not to pollute the environment and to use the environmentally friendly materials
  • To follow the most appropriate methods for the disposal of all kinds of waste and garbage that may occur
  • To control and reduce all kinds of environmental impacts arising from our activities with scientific and economic solutions
  • Ensuring the raising environmental awareness through the training given
  • To engage in activities that support sustainable development
  • To develop our environmental management system in order to continuously improve our environmental performance
  • To consider environmental impacts while making new investments
  • It aims to be beneficial in environmental management systems by fulfilling the requirements specified in the ISO 14001:2004, we aim to protect the most valuable treasure we can leave to future generations within the environmental management system we follow. 
Our Quality Policy
Our Quality Policy

It is one of our most important priorities to maximize the satisfaction of our customers by always meeting the needs and expectations of the customers we serve in the most accurate and highest quality manner and to realize all these with the highest efficiency.

  • To be a sought-after and trusted company in our industry with the participation and desire of all our employees,
  • To fully meet and correctly understand the expectations of our customers,
  • To comply with the conditions of the quality management system we have established in our products, services and system and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level by constantly improving its effectiveness.
  • To follow all the innovations of technology and our age in order to provide better service to our customers,
  • To produce fast and accurate service
  • By preparing suitable environments for our employees, supporting them in order to constantly improve and renew themselves,
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction, controlling the work we do first, preventing waste of time and resources,
  • To realize our projects in line with customer requirements, in a way to meet occupational health and safety conditions, on time, with quality and within the target budget, taking into account the company's interests,
  • To ensure improvement by constantly reviewing our policy, our quality targets that are consistent with our policy, and the quality management system we have established.
  • To always be a reliable company
  • Determining continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy, not content with preserving our current situation.
Our Occupational Health And Safety Policy
Our Occupational Health And Safety Policy

It is one of our most important priorities to identify and evaluate risks and take measures within the scope of occupational health and safety in all kinds of impacts that come to the fore due to our field of activity.

  • To train our employees to have a sense of responsibility about occupational health and safety, to follow and develop the training, and to inform them with notice boards
  • To follow and comply with the legislation, administrative regulations, and legal conditions related to OHS in force
  • Identifying those responsible resources for minimizing occupational health and safety risks
  • To consider occupational health and safety risks while making new investments
  • Providing Occupational Health and Safety resources, including personal protective equipment, and ensuring that all employees comply with the rules on this subject
  • To fulfill the requirements specified in the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard, to ensure its continuity, to improve it and to announce it to the employees, and to ensure traceability within the company by establishing systems related to this purpose